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One Baritone-a-reminiscing...
One Baritone-a-reminiscing...

Ralph Vaughan Williams' songs have, since their creation, formed part of the core repertoire of many a British baritone and have steadily gained a loyal and ever-growing congregation of admirers. This intensely romantic music provides an elegant backdrop for the themes of travel and love; themes that run through much of Vaughan Williams' music for voice. The songs are ideally interpreted by GMN artist Stephen Roberts, whose clear, lyric Baritone allows the lyrics to speak directly to us.

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Vaughan Williams - An Anthology of Songs
Vaughan Williams - An Anthology of Songs Stephen Roberts
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Particular in his clarity of delivery, Stephen Roberts is at one with masterpieces such as the pastoral lyric, Linden Lea. Its languid, soft lines evoke the long, lazy English afternoons which swiftly turn into legend - warm beer, clocktowers and cricket on the lawn. Silent Noon, likewise, seem to breath the air of an older, gentler time. Vaughan Williams retained a personal vision of England in his music and whether invented or evoked, it's a vision of an ideal beauty - never a bd thing.

This fine CD anthology of English song at its most bucolic and tuneful is a collection of some of Vaughan Williams's finest settings and includes three short song cycles containing a number of songs that can, at least for a while, remove us from these distracted times.

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