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The loose Priest and a couple of big wigs
The loose Priest and a couple of big wigs
Yes, it's the usual suspects again - a couple of men with big hair and a loose-living priest. Yesterday's news, you might say. So what's new? Have a closer look, though. Take them one by one.

Suspect 1: Devout Lutheran, hair color - blonde (wig), married twice, children - incalulable, jailed for vexatious impertinence, a man who complained about the tax on wine and composed a staggering amount of music.

Suspect 2: Sometime Christian, hair color - blonde (wig), unmarried but much-attached, children - undocumented, professional schmoozer, boom-and-bust business partner. Prone to operatic tantrums.

Suspect 3: Catholic Priest, hair color - bright red, unmarried (naturally) but much-attached, children - unthinkable, almost banned from the city of Ferrara due to scandal surrounding two sisters. A man for all Four Seasons.

Three rather odd men with a tinge of the Rock star about them - so what's new. Our three suspects, the Baroque stars, Bach, Handel and Vivaldi have, so far, outlasted, outclassed and outcomposed almost everybody in their wake. But, lifestyle is one thing, real class another. Take them at their musical value in GMN's 3CD offer, which presents the fruits of their genius in over three hours of music. The ideal starter pack.

Best of Baroque
Best of Baroque Format: 3CD Boxed Set
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