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Do I need to pay you or another company for use of a Player?
No both of the players used for listening to audio on GMN are free. The RealPlayer and the Windows Media Player are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Internet. In some cases, the manufacturer’s of these software products may offer more advanced versions of the software for a fee. It is entirely up to you, whether you choose to purchase the more advanced players or use the basic free versions.

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Audio clips stop and start intermittently, I see net congestion and buffering messages. Is there anyway to prevent this?
Unfortunately net congestion and buffering cannot be completely eliminated. It's caused by a variety of factors such as traffic on eitheryour local network or the Internet or connection speeds slower than our streaming speeds. To reduce the occurrence Read More

What players do I need to listen to music on your site?
To listen to music and view video clips, you'll need special software to be installed on your machine, Read More

How do I listen to Music?
To play music on our site you need four things: A sound card installed on your computer, speakers that work properly, Netscape 4.0 or IE 4.0 or higher and either RealPlayer, QuickTime or Windows Media Player Read More

I already have the RealPlayer on my machine, but you tell me that I don't!
Sometimes, if you have upgraded your browser AFTER installing the player software, the browser does not fully recognise that the player has been installed on your machine. Read More

How can I adjust the volume?
You can increase or decrease the volume through your system settings. For Mac users these controls are in the 'Monitors and Sound' control panel.PC users can access volume settings by clicking the gold speaker in the task bar. This gives you access Read More

Suddenly my player plug-in is not being recognized by the browser
My player worked before, now all of a sudden I'm seeing the  Read More

I have a player but still get plug-in not detected errors
There are a variety of reasons why you may be seeing this error message. However, many times these problems can be solved by downloading and re-installing the player. Read More

Are there special system requirements to download or use a particular player?
Each player has it’s own requirements. To check the requirements of a particular player visit the web site of the player’s manufacturer. Read More

Do I need to pay you or another company for use of a Player?
No both of the players used for listening to audio on GMN are free. Read More

I'm using RealPlayer on my Mac but I keep getting error messages
If you are using either Internet Explorer 4.0 or 4.5 together with RealPlayer on the Macintosh you may encounter some problems. Read More

How do I add the GMN channel to my RealPlayer?
If the GMN channel is not already listed on your RealPlayer channel scroll list you can easily add it. Read More

Getting Started
If this is your first visit to ClassicalPlus and you are confused, you will find vital information here.

Technical Information
For technical requirements and help with problems with registration or cookies.

Shopping at ClassicalPlus
Information on the ClassicalPlus shop, credit cards, shipping, security and how to order from us.

Listening to Music
Help about your MediaPlayer, plug-ins and problems listening to our music.

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